One Urban Health Workshop in Southeast Asia – 30-31 January 2024


On 30-31 January, CNRS@CREATE hosted the One Urban Health Workshop in Southeast Asia. With over 100 participants, 20 presentations and 2 group discussions, this workshop was framed in the context of the CNRS@CREATE SPACE project (Shaping Public Adaptive Capacity For Environmental Infectious Diseases). These two days provided an overview of ‘One Health’ initiatives emerging in urban Southeast Asia and explored how these initiatives can not only respond to current health challenges but also contribute to shaping a healthier and more sustainable future for Singapore, the ASEAN region and beyond.

Against the backdrop of climate change, escalating pollution, and the loss of wildlife, the region faces significant health challenges. While persistent diseases like dengue, malaria, and scrub typhus continue to pose threats, there is a concerning rise in epidemics caused by emerging viruses, particularly zoonoses.

The workshop stressed the importance of the ‘One Health’ approach, connecting human, animal, and environmental health for a sustainable future. However, it noted a gap: urban areas have been overlooked in these studies. Urbanization changes how diseases spread but also offers a chance to address health issues on a broader scale.

Explore the slides from SPACE representatives below:

Serge MORAND – A One Health approach for urban environments

Olivier TELLE – Urbanization and infectious diseases, an intertwined relation