Let’s trash talk

SPACE Recruitment Flyer (Waste)

As part of our research for the SPACE project on Dengue management in Singapore, we are studying how people in Singapore manage waste, use trash disposal systems and segregate their waste. We are also studying how members of the public deal with cockroaches and rats in their everyday management of trash. 

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Research objective

Since colonial times, there has been a strong correlation between sanitation and infectious diseases in Singapore, which led to the formation of Singapore Improvement Trust in 1927. The tropical climate presents added challenges like producing more food waste as well as rapid degeneration of organic waste. While solid waste management in Singapore is highly efficient, many problems persist at the grassroots level. Littering continues to be a pressing issue, along with high rates of contamination of recyclable waste. To understand these problems and explore challenges that residents face, we want to talk to you. We want to understand how residents manage household waste as well as cope with pests like cockroaches. We are also keen on knowing if there is a problem of rats in the neighborhood, and how people reckon the ‘rat-problem’ can be addressed, or redressed.

Who are we looking for?

  • Residents at HDBs, Condominiums and landed property aged 21 – 75 (Preferably English speakers; of all residential status (both citizens and non-citizens)
  • Migrant conservancy workers
  • Government stakeholders

What do we want to know?

  • What do we want to know: What measures residents take to prevent intrusion of cockroaches
  • Whether residents compost, segregate and recycle waste
  • If there is a problem of rat infestation in the neighborhood, and the probable causes for the same -Stories about cockroaches and rats, related to waste
  • Suggestions for solving the pest problem

What will you get?

  • A compensation of SGD 40 in NTUC vouchers for home interviews (up to 45 minutes) and SGD 20 vouchers for interviews conducted outside (in coffee shops, up to 25 minutes)
  • An opportunity to share your feedback, complaints, and suggestions on solid waste management in Singapore and how it can be improved

We are also keen on speaking to public and private stakeholders, like government officials, civil servants, National Environment Agency (NEA) officers, pest-control company owners, and related professionals. If you would like to refer someone, we would be delighted to speak to them.

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